Bringing You The Greatest Generation Of Rock & Roll From 1960-1979

Over 4100 Top 40 Hits "FREE" with The Purchase Of A New Specially Programmed iPod Nano Just For Baby Boomers !

Born between 1946 and 1961? Then you're a Baby Boomer and you've come to the right place !


The Baby Boomer generation brought us the explosion of the Rock & Roll era. From 1960-1979, Boomers were there right from the beginning...Doo Wop, Surfing Tunes, British Invasion, Motown, Top 40, Disco and Progressive Rock. 


With a limited number of oldies stations, it's getting harder to find the music we grew up with. If you find an oldies station, they are playing a very limited amount of the great music of our youth, playing only the very top hits of the era and neglecting the rest. has solved the problem for you !!! We've created a specially programmed iPod Nano with ALL the Top 40 Hits that you grew up with. Over 4100 Top 40 Hits from 1960-1979 !! The original songs, the original artists.... FREE with the purchase of your iPod Nano player.


The iPod Nano is portable, allowing you to play all the tunes you grew up with at home, in the car, at the beach, or on a plane....Anywhere ! Just'll be the hit at all the parties and your high school reunions.


Searching for oldies you can't find? They are all here. Over 4100 Top 40 Hits, all in the palm of your hand ! Enjoy some nostalgia by purchasing your iPod today, loaded with all the great radio hits of yesteryear.


If you are a Generation X, Y, or Z....This makes a great gift for your Baby Boomer Parents and Grandparents, too !



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Get ALL your favorite Top 40 hits for the 60's & 70's right at your fingertips NOW! A collection of 4100 Tracks like this would take you years to accumulate and cost well over $4500. This is your one chance to get this Mastered Collection, on your very own iPod Player.

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The Classic Boomer Stations of The 60's & 70's


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